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Release The Chains Revenue Retreat 2017 is the most SINCERE, AUTHENTIC, AND RESULTS-DRIVEN Training for learning how YOU can increase your REVENUE STREAMS…as a top-brand Trainer, Coach, Speaker or Entrepreneur.

This jammed-packed 3-Day Experience is designed to help you get out of old mental “ruts” and learn to think in dynamic new ways to grow in REVENUE, leadership, personal and business development, taking your life and career to extreme new heights.

IMPORTANT: Don’t read any further if you are NOT:

  • Ready to learn PROVEN marketing and product positioning strategies like a CEO or SHE-EO
  • Interested in learning from EXPERIENCED MULTI-MILLIONAIRE mentors and coaches on how to leverage your brand and message
  • Ready to release the chains and PLAY BIGGER
  • Thrilled about meeting, collaborating and enhancing your CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE
  • Concerned with attracting the RIGHT audience (people who will pay you) with your products and services

Release The Chains Revenue Retreat (RTC) offers the who’s who and the how-to for industry leading professionals who will be on hand to passionately guide you and give you further support.

As a result of attending Release The Chains YOU will walk away with new knowledge on how to build and sustain a profitable business through the creation of PROFITABLE PRODUCTS THAT SELL AND FIT YOU and SERVE YOUR AUDIENCE, create generational wealth through entrepreneurship, pitch your product, business or idea to TV networks and investors in seconds and learn proven strategies on getting PAID!
RTC 2017 will deliver practical strategies to help you release the chains and reclaim your destiny while leaving a legacy.
During this three day experience you will be shifting and sharpening your focus and be provided with step-by-step guidance leading to growth and success.


I remember when I used to think I had this entrepreneur thing all figured out. I thought struggling every day TO COLLECT INVOICES and hustling hard was the way entrepreneurship was supposed to be. That’s what everyone says right?
I spent so many sleepless nights working myself to death, not getting the sleep I needed to be productive and think clearly. I was literally working myself to my death bed.
I knew there had to be a better way. Making money shouldn’t be this hard.
I started studying the habits and techniques of SUPER RICH entrepreneurs. I learned that they all invested in themselves daily. They invested time learning from others who have achieved success. They all have coaches and mentors and they always, always attend trainings to get better so that they can achieve more.
SO, guess what? I “copied genius”.
I invested in coaches and mentors. I attended every conference that was going to teach me something new, not caring how much it cost…to get in front of those who are doing what I want to do. I said to myself, “THEY HAVE THE ANSWERS!”
I have now become one of the most sought after Master Business Coaches, who has built two highly successful brands and help others just like YOU increase your revenue by teaching you how to do everything RIGHT!
I learned from one of my mentors that it’s not about working hard…it’s about working RIGHT!!
This training in Clearwater, FL. is where you will learn how to do what myself and my top millionaire friends are doing to generate MILLIONS!
Do like I did. Learn from those who have already done it!
When you have this type of caliber of million dollar entrepreneurs willing to pour into YOU…you MUST find a way to make yourself available.
This CHANGE has changed my life and business tremendously. I GUARANTEE it will do the same for you! You just have to believe you can do it and the rest will be MAPPED OUT FOR YOU!
I’m no different from you. If I can do it, and continue to do it, I KNOW you can too!


Men, Women, Couples and Singles of all generations, ethnicities and backgrounds looking to grow personally, professionally, financially and emotionally, and are tired of going at it alone.


I started the Release The Chains movement to give women the opportunity to bond, grow, heal, connect, share their stories of adversity and release their chains with one another in hopes to form strong bonds of sisterhood. But what I realized was that women could not heal without a road map. They needed the keys to success and accountability to break down the mental chains that hold us back.

The reason that this mission means so much to me is that it took 20 years for me to release my shame and secrets from my traumatic past and to start living a life in authenticity instead of living a life hiding in shame and guilt, and that it is possible with the support of loving people, my husband, coaches, mentors and sisters to find freedom, the business success I desired and inner peace.

My Vision is to create a movement for one woman, man or couple to share their adversity story and knowledge from their own journey to empower others to share theirs; therefore, creating a ripple effect to touch one million entrepreneurs worldwide to provide hope, inspiration, and the courage to pursue financial freedom or go to the next level in business and to know they are enough to pursue big goals and scary success and allow themselves to grow exponentially in life and business.


We are securing a worthy organization who support women to release their chains. Stay tuned on how you can help.

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Chains-to-Change! It’s your time! Are you Ready?

This three-day event in Clearwater Beach, FL., just 30 minutes from Tampa, FL, will jump-start your success, like nothing before…guaranteed.

As a result of attending Release The Chains Revenue Retreat attendees will:

Experience 3 Days of Intense Strategy Learning my Proven Methods from my ‘Profit Attraction Plan”.

1. Crafting Your Signature Story

2. Producing Products That Attract YOUR Audience

3. Clarifying Your Core Message

4. Story Selling: Using Your Story to Build a Highly Profitable Brand

5. How to Pitch Your Idea or Business For Million Dollar Deals

6. 7 Secrets to Convert Your Message into Money

7. Speaker Wealth Secrets

8. Live Event Six-Figure Success Secrets 

9. Strategy to Creating a Mega Media Brand

10. Mastering Video Content to Convert High Ticket Clients

11. Positioning Your Pain

Opportunity to Pitch to ABC’s Shark Tank SHARK Kevin Harrington, and Master Business Coach Ari Squires for YOUR chance to win $1000.


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