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Ari Transparent 2Ari Squires is a success coach using her soul-based mindset mastery and unique business success approach to help women who are in transition create the lives and businesses that they love.




Ari Squires is founder and CEO of Profit Attraction Academy, where she has helped clients reach and surpass their profit goals. Her agency has worked with some of the greatest entrepreneurs in personal and business development including people like Paul C. Brunson (OWN Network) and Kevin Harrington (ABC’s Shark Tank). The Academy attracts tens of thousands of fans and provides financial success for her clients using problem-solving product creation as well as online and offline marketing strategies.


Her training programs—PUSH Partners and Profit Attraction Academy—have helped students attract thousands of fans, leads, investors, and sales, increasing their ROI through live events, online training, speaking, and coaching.


Ari knows from personal experience that anybody can achieve their business goals and dreams because she is the ultimate success story. Her dreams of financial freedom through entrepreneurship started in the mean, cold, gang-infested streets in Sacramento, California. But some bad decisions led to incarceration then homelessness, leaving Ari with no money and no life. She could only find mediocre employment, which left her unfulfilled.


That’s when she started her business and changed her life forever. Today, a Contributing Writer to Forbes Magazine, Ari is debt-free; has thriving businesses, amazing clients, sold-out training seminars, and a dedicated team; and is committed to helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses using her Profit Attraction Methods.


Ari is also the Producer of the award-winning documentary ‘No More Chains’ which profiles eleven women who turned their life trauma into entrepreneurial triumph. She lives in the Washington, DC area with her ten-year-old son and husband Darryl who are both proud entrepreneurs.

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