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I would like to thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to the Release The Chains Revenue Retreat (RTC). I am delighted that your company is considering a sponsorship affiliation with us.

Our mission and purpose is to create opportunities for new, seasoned or aspiring entrepreneurs to explore and discover their passion, purpose and power. Our three-day leadership empowerment conference provides a unique environment for entrepreneurs to re-new their mind, re-connect with their goals and re-invent their lives for new levels of success. As part of this event, RTC connects women and men and organizations together for unparalleled training, empowerment and networking opportunities. Our panel of speakers features dynamic individuals renown in the areas of finance, business and personal development.

As a sponsor of this event, you will have access to a diverse group of action-takers looking to grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually. Additionally, it is my personal goal to help expand your business and brand by profiling and showcasing your company to our conference attendees.

Thank you again for your consideration and we hope to see you at the 2017 Release The  Chains Revenue Retreat. Please contact info@arisquires.com for a sponsorship packet.

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